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"An International Indexed & Peer Reviewed Quarterly Journal in Agriculture and Sciences"

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National Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2024

Guidelines for Reviewers

The submitted research paper is settled for publication after two Peer Reviewers positive consent as a fundamental segment.
The parameters for the Reviewers to review the papers
The decency,
Logical procedure,
Academic quality
Remark on the legitimacy
The utmost Secrecy is maintained during reviewing process of the submitted paper except the editorial board of the journal.
The utmost preference is imparted on the original work. The withdrawal of any research paper stands in the event of instances of the remarks and comments towards defamation and/or any lawful condition and intellectual property and/or plagiarized content, even after post publication and such declaration is published in its consequent issue.
It is guaranteed that two subject experts will analyze the submitted research papers. The approval of selecting and modifying the expected correction including the remarks and comments towards defamation and/or any lawful condition and intellectual property and/or plagiarized content, the editor can have the general power of setting aside such data or the whole paper.
Retraction and correction are performed after being noticed by editor and/or any other person; it will be published with retraction and correction. It stands obligatory for the author to inform such retraction and correction
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