Web Based Journal Management System
1. Research Nebula adopts double blind review process which is firmly checked by the editors.
2. Editors attempt publication audit to evaluate the quality and kind of accommodation before sending it to the review procedure
3. Original copies not fulfilling the logical guidelines won't be considered for the review procedure.
4. Authors are required to focus on the guidelines for Authors and furthermore demonstrate the class wherein they are distributing in the event that it's anything but an examination article.
5. Editors will likewise check the coherence, syntactic utilization and may request resubmission if papers passage ineffectively in these parameters.
6. Editors will be in contact with the reviewers once paper is sent to them, with intermittent tokens of their due date.
7. When all the reviews are in-house, the Editor taking care of the composition will probably settle on a choice inside a day or two.
8. Article appraisal is additionally done after the official procedure is finished before at long last suggesting the paper for the journal.
9. All endeavors are done to finish the entire procedure within three months from submission with the first decision on an average done within 30 days to inform the status of their article.
10. The whole review process of the articles submitted to Research Nebula are done online and carefully.
11. Authors must utilize the ONLINE PAPER SUBMISSION framework for presenting their original copy. Just on the off chance that they can't do so they should contact the editorial manager through email.